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TrainLikeHell uses suspension training as a staple exercise tool to help speed up clients progress and deliver more rapid results.

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I’ve spent a small fortune over the years on gym memberships. I’ve never really got good value from them. You go religiously for the first few months and then start to lose interest. I’d get results but not enough to keep me going back. It was a total waste of money really. After I had my second child, I really needed to get some help to get back in shape. So I gave TrainLikeHell a try. The results are quite astounding. I’m fitter, firmer and happier than I can remember and I’m not losing interest. My trainer keeps me pumped up and focussed. He trains me hard, sure, but that’s what I want. I feel great afterwards. As an investment TrainLIkeHell leaves my gym membership for dead. I invest a bit more but the returns are well and truly worth it.

Jane S.

Ruschcutters Bay

I was literally the 98 pound weakling. Living in Bondi just made it worse. You see a lot of fit strong blokes around...the benchmark is high. My personal trainer has sorted me out completely. She explained that I just don’t have that sort of physique, so I shouldn’t bother aiming for it. Instead we work on my overall fitness and also target problem areas (for me it’s the gut). I’ve bulked up a bit but where it suits me. I’m a lot fitter and definitely more muscular, but the best part is I feel a lot more works for me. I mean I never thought I’d look forward to getting up at 5.30 in the morning and training like hell, but I do. I get a kick out of pushing my boundaries physically.

Jed M.

Bondi Beach

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Personal Trainer Job

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